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Do You Really Need Social Media for Your Company to Succeed Online?

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Any of the best internet marketing companies will include social media as part of your search engine optimisation (SEO) package. Social media has become an effective marketing platform, helping companies grow their brand, boost their visibility, reach a wider audience and enjoy online success.

Social media comes in a host of different platforms, each one requiring your constant attention to ensure you reach your audience and enjoy your success. If you find a good internet marketing company to provide you with a SEO package, then they should offer you a social media management service, where they handle your social media on your behalf, focusing it towards the search engines and helping you achieve good rankings in search results.

One of the first social media accounts you are going to want to register for is Facebook. Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms attracting millions of members, offering you a global network of potential customers to take advantage of. Ensure you complete your page and all the relevant information, have links to your website along with all your contact information.

Invite your clients to like your Facebook page so you are able to provide them with updates on news of your industry, new products and services and more. Remember to use links back to your website wherever possible to direct your clients to the page that may be of interest to them. With Facebook you need to do at least one status update each day and monitor your progress accordingly.

Twitter is the next most commonly used social media platform and also has millions of members who post throughout the day. Twitter is different to Facebook in that your status updates, known as “tweets” can only be one hundred and forty characters in length, so you need to think of catchy phrases that will grab attention. With Twitter you also want to make use of the hash tag as much as possible, always ensuring you keep your company visible to your audience at all times.

With Twitter you want to send out good quality tweets as often as possible. You want to do a number of tweets each day to ensure you remain visible to all your potential clients as there are a high volume of tweets, which means that they can easily miss your company if you don’t update your status every few hours.

LinkedIn is very effective as a networking tool. With LinkedIn you can network with suppliers and other companies in your industry. You can hire new employees, arrange to share links and more with companies, all geared to help you grow your business and achieve success in the long run.

Then there is YouTube. This video social media site is a chance to create video blogs to reach a different audience. Many of your customers are more likely to watch a video than they are to read an article or blog, so you want to ensure you keep up to date with your video blogs as well. With YouTube you want to update your video blog on a regular basis to ensure your audience always get new and interesting videos to watch at all times.

The final social media count you cannot be without and the reason it’s worthwhile finding the best internet marketing company to help you is Google+. You need to register and verify your account, the verification process is essential to your success and to help Google identify your location for SEO purposes. Encourage your audience to click on the + button for your Google page to help your business grow each and every day now and in the future.

Cartoozo is a multiple award-winning internet marketing agency with over ten years’ experience in the online marketing environment. This company has an active customer base of over three hundred with their customers being based around the world. This company helps their customers achieve online success with a host of packages designed to meet their customers’ needs and budgets. Cartoozo offer a host of expert services ranging from web design to search engine optimization and copy writing to pay per click advertising, just to name a few. They have a team of experienced and dedicated technicians and the entire team focus on customer satisfaction at all times. To find out more, visit

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Free eBook on Making Money with Twitter.

Hi Guys

While surfing the Net for new ideas on marketing the other day, I came across this excellent free e-book on how to make more money using Twitter’s dirty little secrets.


This e-book was written by Gene Eugenio and explains how to become an influential Tweeter by using the influence of other highly influential people on Twitter.  Gene is actually a writer and he released this e-book for free, primarily to promote his writing skills, but I think that this e-book was so very well written, with lots of great content, that he could have easily sold it for $47.  Anyhow thanks to Gene it’s yours for free.

To get your free thirty page PDF copy today, just join our free mailing list and we will send you a download link.


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Making money on the internet doesn’t get easier than this.

Recently I listened to an interview with, Stefan James Pylarinos, a Digital Entrepreneur and 6 Figure Kindle Publisher.

I thought, Wow, is he for real? He was very honest and open about how he made his fortune and continues to do so with royalties from Amazon Kindle for the 100 or so eBooks that he has published.

Anyhow I did my due diligence and checked him out. He’s real, and you can even talk to him. Stefan currently has a Kindle eBook publishing course that has easy to follow step by step video and pdf informational guides, there’s even a fully functioning help desk. His fan base is huge on many platforms, facebook etc, and you can easily get helpful feedback and encouragement from his followers.

Here is some of what is offered in the kindle mastery course..
Lesson 1: Finding A Profitable Niche
Lesson 2: Keyword Research
Lesson 3: Creating A Title That Sells
Lesson 4: Design A Cover That Sells
Lesson 5: Kindle Book Creation
Lesson 6: Preparing Your Book For Publishing
Lesson 7: Creating A KDP Account
Lesson 8: Publishing Your Book On Kindle
Lesson 9: Viewing Your Kindle Book
Lesson 10: Getting Amazon Reviews
Lesson 11: Marketing Your Book On KDP Select
Lesson 12: Using Twitter & Facebook To Promote Your Book
Lesson 13: Additional Book Promotion Strategies
Lesson 14: Boosting Your Amazon Keyword Rankings
Lesson 15: Setting Up Your Amazon Author Central Account
Lesson 16: Monetizing Your Kindle Book
Lesson 17: Creating A Series Of Books & Monetizing The Back-End
Lesson 18: Dealing With Negative Reviews
Lesson 19: Scaling Up Your Kindle Books And Making More Money
Lesson 20: How To Make Your Books Profitable Long-Term
Lesson 21: How To Track, Manage & Optimize Your Kindle Books


I don’t normally recommend any entrepreneurial internet courses because so many of them are scams, but this one truly is a really big golden nugget.

Anyhow check out the video link below, I highly recommend it. It’ll change your life forever. Amazon Kindle Mastery

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