{Global Resorts Network} How To Leverage a Funded Proposal

How To Use A Funded Proposal To Generate Multiple Income Streams Nine out of ten home business owners actually end up spending more than they ever make. A staggering statistic if you think about it. But you don?t have to be 1 of them. There?s a very specific reason why most network marketers don?t turn a profit, and an equally simple solution. What you need is a system that creates multiple income streams so that you get paid from a variety of sources. This is called having a Funded Proposal and it is the second essential corner stone to building a successful business online. Say you pitch 100 people on your business opportunity. How many of them are actually going to join you? The national average is between 4-5%. So The real question is ? how much money are you making off all the people who say no? If your answer is ?none? ? then you?re not running your business right. The bottom line is, 95% of the prospects you generate are never going to by your products or become distributors in your organization. That?s just the way it is. On top of that, each of those prospects is actually costing you money, whether you?re buying leads from a lead broker, or paying to advertise. So, if you?re only selling your one primary business, you?re only tapping into 5% of your potential income. In other words, you?re leaving 95% of your profits on the table. And that that is NOT the way to run a successful business. In fact, it?s the main reason most business fail. So how can you monetize that other 95% of your lead base and maximize your profits? You do this by and taking advantage of a funded proposal to create a professional sales funnel for your business and make money from a prospect, even when that prospect does NOT join your opportunity. The key element in creating Funded Proposal is to become an affiliate for a low cost high quality retail product that appeals to your niche. Here?s the Process: You advertise an inexpensive retail product on the front end that can be marketed automatically and purchased directly on line so sales come in 24/7 without you having to be involved. Instead of going out and asking people to fork over a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars to get started with your business, you market
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