“Into Peru: San Pedro to Cusco” Joe.southin’s photos around Cusco, Peru

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Cusco, Peru by TravelPod blogger Joe.southin titled "Into Peru: San Pedro to Cusco" Joe.southin’s travel blog entry: "This is my first time at significant altitude, and the effects are somewhat noticeable. Apart from the obvious light-headedness after any exertion, I’m emitting an unusually large volume of gas. On average, it must be almost once per minute, and they’re not just the average ones either – I feel like a human blowtorch: keep sources of ignition well away! The last 2 days in San Pedro were great. I hired a bike along with French #1 (Elodie) and Dutch (Mirjam), and we headed out north in the direction of some Inca ruins. It was an easy ride through once again an amazing landscape, a narrow fertile valley surrounded by sand-coloured hills. Eventually the pass narrows to a thin, endless canyon just wide enough to fit a bike; the area is called something like Quitor de Diablo – interesting rock formations. The day takes us up to a passenger tunnel in the middle of nowhere to a moon-like plateau which was like a natural BMX park – would have been awesome to get a couple of scrambler bikes up here for a few hours. The following morning involves heading up Cerro Tolo with American #2 (Adam) and a lady from Barcelona. It was a little pricey but good way to acclimatize; we reached a dizzying 5600m where the air is noticeably thinner and I start to struggle even bending down to pick up my bag. You can see Bolivia <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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