Is There Such a Thing as a Marketing Guru?

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When it comes down to it, what actually constitutes a Marketing Guru? To be honest there is not one simple rule for knowing if you’re actually speaking with a Guru or simply a born again sales specialist.

When I first started out in Affiliate marketing I was always searching for the ultimate Online Marketing “Guru”, who would show me the way to making millions online. The problem was that everybody claimed to be a “Guru”, and before I knew it I couldn’t tell the difference between a marketing specialist (i.e “Guru”) and a good sales person.

Therefore these days I prefer to place marketers into the following categories :

1. Online Marketing specialists (General)

2. Specific Search Engine Marketing specialists

3. Search Engine Optimisation specialists

4. List Building Marketing specialists

5. Experienced Online Marketers (over 5 years experience)

6. Young Marketing Specialists (under the age of 25)

7. Affiliate Marketers (know how to sell online products)

8. “Fake” Marketers (tell you they have made $1m when in fact they have made a profit of just over $1,000 in the last month).

In my mind there is no such thing as a “Guru”, but there are online marketers with more experience than others and who have proven records of success. These people would include Derek Gehl, The Wealthy Affiliate Boys (Kyle

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