The InterNetwork Marketing Movement

InterNetwork Marketing: a term first used by Ken Evoy of SiteSell – The marriage of Internet Marketing with Network Marketing

The purpose of this marriage being to provide an ?immediate income for financing the longer term goals of a business based on a Network Marketing (MLM) type of direct selling.

It?s probably fair to say the aspiration of most MLM practitioners is to achieve a residual ?walk away? income that will provide a comfortable retirement.

For others, the hope is for a regular supplement that will make a meaningful contribution to the family income. I expect you?ve heard it said, that a net additional family income of $500 (?500) would keep most families from poverty and the courts

All very nice, but how possible is it for a home business to achieve a regular monthly income of $500, or indeed a retirement income? And hasn?t the MLM industry got a terrible name for its practitioners annoying friends and family, pestering anyone within three feet of them, assuming everyone wants what they have, making false claims and promises, and teaching others to do the same?

Until very recently, the odds were heavily stacked against succeeding with an MLM based business. But as I write this article at the end of 2008, I can say with confidence? the chances of at least earning a very meaningful contribution to family income is very high for most? who are willingly to learn and put in the effort.

And what makes me say this?

The emergence of a small group of highly successful business people and pupils, who are now teaching others the methods, tips and the tricks that made them so successful and wealthy.

Okay you pay a very modest fee for this knowledge, but, with the aid of modern technology, they are prepared to take clients by the hand, and with baby steps if necessary, get pupils up and running, and on the right path. They are even prepared to stick with you on your journey to give the backup and encouragement necessary for a highly successful home business

Leading by example, this body of 21st Century business professionals are noticeably fierce in their determination to clean up and re-gain the lost reputation of the powerful marketing giant that is Network Marketing by introducing best practice.

The Movement works on the principal:

If you?re going to sell something to someone, you?ve got to find a way to get invited into their world as a welcomed guest, instead of a pest.

Ken Evoy, Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler, Diyana Alcheva, Lisa Hanfileti, and McKay Earl, are all part of what I call?

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