Tips on List Building

If you want to make a success of online marketing then you must pay real attention to building and taking care of your customer list. Today’s customers are surrounded by choice, so don’t give them a reason to click away from your page.

Relationship Building The Internet is a fantastic relationship building tool and by keeping in touch with your customer list on a regular basis via email you have an ideal opportunity to build up trust and credibility with your clients. There are several ways to do this:

1 Write an eZine to your clients at least once a week

2 Tips are very popular and they can be short, not more than one or two paragraphs you send out every week. They must be packed with information that is relevant and beneficial to your clients.

3 Mini courses are effective too, but again must contain good, useful, informative information. Ideally, it should be delivered over 5-7 days and be broken down into one subheading a day on your subject.

How Targeted is Your List? Start by knowing the clients you want on your list? It’s simple to build a large customer list quickly by appealing to anyone and everyone.

BUT, the more targeted the list, and your offer to that list, the greater chance of success your business has. I prefer 2000 people on my list who have a strong and passionate interest in my niche rather than 10,000 people who just have a passing interest and not nearly the same motivation to buy.

How Can You Be Selective With Your List? It pays to be as specific as possible when referring to your list. An example of what I use for my own eZine is… ‘Internet Marketing Review Newsletter – Subscribe Today and receive powerful

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