Warp Speed Wealth By Derek Gehl From IMC – An Honest Review

There has been a lot of buzz around Derek’s Gehl Warp Speed Wealth system that was released April 2006. Many people were wondering why the Internet Marketing Centre (IMC) releases a similar product to their ?flag ship’ product the Internet. Well, it’s easy to explain. The ?Internet Marketing Course’ is the flagship course of IMC. It explains simply just everything. Not one single detail is missing and you have to work the course in order to make it happen. Well, because many people are interested in getting some quick revenues, Derek Gehl and his IMC team have decided to launch a smaller version of the IMC course that explains the most important steps how to make money on the internet – quickly! Derek Gehl has condensed all the important information how to create ?information products’ to sell for massive income and put it together in the Warp Speed Wealth System. For all who don’t know Derek Gehl. He is the CEO of the Internet Marketing Center since August 2005 after the sudden death of internet guru and legend: Corey Rudl

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