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LiaiseOnline have been around since the last century, incorporating in 2002. We have extensive online marketing, web development & social media marketing experience which we optimise to generate business leads for our clients. In 2011 our primary goal is "business lead generation" for businesses right here in the UK. There is little or no point in using your resources for online marketing if you don’t have clearly defined objectives with a primary goal in mind. You need to stand out from the crowd. We would strongly recommend focusing on a single goal or your message will be lost in the online noise. If you have clear strategic objectives then you can keep pushing towards your end goal using a variety of web development, online marketing and social media marketing techniques. Here at LiaiseOnline we have over 10 years of business lead generation experience for a range of clients. Hundreds of small businesses have benefitted from our wisdom and a number of larger and corporate businesses have knocked on our door looking for help and advice along the way. LiaiseOnline help the largest show in the UK If it hadn’t been for our timely intervention in 2006, EMAP’s Spring Fair Show would have been invisible online! Their email marketing database had a couple of poisoned email addresses and we identified the issue, worked with our partners and those policing the industry to bring things to a positive outcome. The website remained visible and their emails got through. Emap use <b>…</b>

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